Soudobeam proposes a large blowing range that is entirely customisable for electric arc furnaces (EAF) in order to meet the specific requirements of the various technologies particular to each steel-maker.

Our products benefit from our commitments to quality, development and innovation. They can be used intensively and boast excellent durability, stability and performance.

The SoudOx® combined burner is the leading product of the range and uses the shielded flow technology developed by Soudobeam to provide high energy and metallurgical yields in EAF.


Les produits EAF

  • SoudOx<sup>®</sup>


    This combined burner & injector provides high heat density and a focused supersonic oxygen jet whose range can be adjusted for powerful agitation in the bath.

    • Increase in reactivity in the bath
    • Reduction of energy consumption
    • Its use can be adapted to the steel-making phase

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  • Oxygen lance

    Oxygen lance

    This single or multiple oxygen lance boasts a unique design that provides fully customisable stable blowing density.

    • High oxygen yield
    • Chemical standardisation of the bath content
    • Accelerated decarburization

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  • Burner


    This customised gas-oxygen burner is equipped with whirling injection technology that enables a high level of thermal transfer directly to the scrap metal.

    • Accelerated fusion of scrap metal
    • Reduction of cold zones
    • Decrease in electricity consumption

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  • Post-combustion lance

    Post-combustion lance

    This secondary combustion lance boasts an injection configuration designed to reach a high combustion yield and provide a high energy input to the bath.

    • Increase in energy yield
    • Decrease in pollutant gas emissions
    • Drop in the heat load in the fume system

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Entirely designed and manufactured in our workshops, our products are compliant with the most stringent quality standards and undergo many in-process controls in manufacturing, guaranteeing their reliability and respect of each steel-maker's specific requirements.

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All our products are the fruit of custom-designed engineering and come complete with continuous technical support, guaranteeing that customers obtain a solution in tune with their needs and objectives.

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