• BOF – Basic Oxygen Furnace

    A new generation of oxygen blowing nozzles for LD converters at the service of steel-makers. Our equipment is entirely dedicated to the distinctive features of each production site.

    In particular, the patented SoudoTip® injection lance tip is the essential tool for improving metallurgic performance, thanks to its excellent blowing characteristics and stability. Our product offering also includes deskulling heads and slag lances.

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  • EAF – Electric Arc Furnace

    Our range of oxygen blowing and heating elements for electric furnaces is designed to reduce energy consumption, provide increased durability and display proven metallurgical performance.

    Our SoudOx® combined burner is the driving force behind excellent yield improvements. We also make burners, oxygen lances and post-combustion lances. They are all characterised by their flexible design making them fully customisable.

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  • AOD – Argon Oxygen Decarburization

    Blowing tuyeres cooled at high density agitation for projection of oxygen and argon in alloy steel-making processes, such as the AOD process.

    Multi and Mono SoudOxar® lance heads are essential components of increasing productivity thanks to their superior penetration and agitation capacities. They also offer the advantages of increased service life and blowing density.

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  • Engineering & Innovation

    Soudobeam possesses a comprehensive array of modern engineering means, from 3D design to numerical simulation, in order to produce dedicated products of high technical quality.

    All our products undergo continual technical monitoring and benefit from the latest developments. They are the fruit of innovation driven by Soudobeam and assisted by collaboration with universities and research centres.

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Our products are the result of custom-designed engineering intended to meet the specific needs and requests of each steel-maker. Our blowing, cooling and configuration interfaces are all entirely customisable.

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