Our Mission

Soudobeam is a Belgian company whose core activity is to supply quality products and services in metal-working, from development to transformation for end use, to industrials seeking premium results and guaranteed quality.

The fervour to drive innovation and quality

Our History

Soudobeam was founded in 1986 as a specialist in precision forming and welding of metals. In this context, Soudobeam has worked as a sub-contractor to provide dedicated solutions to issues of specific metal welding involving high levels of stress (whether thermal, dynamic, chemical or mechanical). Through its quality and technology, Soudobeam has gained recognition as a reliable partner in the aerospace, automobile, chemistry, ship-building, pharmaceutical and steel-making industries.

Armed with this expertise, Soudobeam has developed its activity of manufacturing equipment for the steel-making industry and in particular in oxygen (Basic Oxygen Furnace), electric (Electric Arc Furnace) and AOD (Argon Oxygen Decarburization) processes. Soudobeam carries out engineering and manufacturing of its own products for most of the world leaders in steel-making such as ArcelorMittal, ThyssenKrupp or US Steel.

Notre vision

The ambition of Soudobeam is to extend its market as well as its products and services portfolio to become an international brand and technical partner that contributes to its customers' progress, whilst ensuring activity and a strong presence at local level.

Our Values

  • Innovation


    Guided by our fervour and technological curiosity, we develop and improve our products to ensure that our customers have the most high-performance tools.

  • Quality


    Driven by a state of mind that extols thoroughness and excellence, our working methods are established with a view to providing services of superior quality.

  • Training


    Our multi-disciplinary team receives the best training and qualifications to encourage personal development and to satisfy the most stringent requirements.

  • Customisation


    Our desire is to provide each customer with products that meet their specific requirements and issues via the provision of dedicated solutions.

  • Transparency


    By means of special and transparent relations, we ensure that each customer can use Soudobeam’s production in total trust and to the best of their potential.