Soudobeam proposes a new generation of oxygen blowing nozzles for LD (Linz-Donawitz) converters, designed and produced to provide increased reliability and optimal metallurgic performance.

Our products are custom-designed and produced to meet the specific needs of each steel-maker. Our products’ development draws on our experience with the leaders in the steel industry using the most advanced computational methods and they are appreciated for their reliability and efficiency.

The SoudoTip® lance tip, the leading product in our range, is the best oxygen-blowing tool for improving yields in the BOF steel-making process.

Les produits BOF

  • SoudoTip <sup>®</sup>

    SoudoTip ®

    This customisable patented oxygen lance head combines outstanding blowing performance and durability thanks to a truly unique design.

    • Savings of more than 1 € per tonne of steel
    • Fully customised blowing
    • Stable and replicable blowing

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  • Slag Flow Lance

    Slag Flow Lance

    This lance barrel with customisable length can be mounted to replace existing lances in order to diminish problems caused by the appearance of skulls.

    • Decrease of lance skulls
    • Less downtime for maintenance
    • Simple to assemble and use

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  • Deskulling Head

    Deskulling Head

    This lateral blowing lance head is designed for rapid cleaning of the LD converter neck and cone and can be adapted to all types of lance.

    • Rapid cleaning
    • Robust in usage
    • Customised assembly

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Entirely designed and manufactured in our workshops, our products are compliant with the most stringent quality standards and undergo many in-process controls in manufacturing, guaranteeing their reliability and respect of each steel-maker's specific requirements.

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All our products are the fruit of custom-designed engineering and come complete with continuous technical support, guaranteeing that customers obtain a solution in tune with their needs and objectives.

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