Oxygen blowing technology for BOF – EAF – AOD converters

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Electron beam welding & custom-designed welded construction

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A personalised approach

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Nos produits

  • BOF – Basic Oxygen Furnace

    BOF – Basic Oxygen Furnace

    A new generation of oxygen blowing nozzles for LD converters at the service of steel-makers. Our equipment is entirely dedicated to the distinctive features of each production site.

    In particular, the patented SoudoTip® injection lance tip is the essential tool for improving metallurgic performance, thanks to its excellent blowing characteristics and stability. Our product offering also includes deskulling heads and slag lances.

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  • EAF – Electric Arc Furnace

    EAF – Electric Arc Furnace

    Our range of oxygen blowing and heating elements for electric furnaces is designed to reduce energy consumption, provide increased durability and display proven metallurgical performance.

    Our SoudOx® combined burner is the driving force behind excellent yield improvements. We also make burners, oxygen lances and post-combustion lances. They are all characterised by their flexible design making them fully customisable.

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  • AOD – Argon Oxygen Decarburization

    AOD – Argon Oxygen Decarburization

    Blowing tuyeres cooled at high density agitation for projection of oxygen and argon in alloy steel-making processes, such as the AOD process.

    Multi and Mono SoudOxar® lance heads are essential components of increasing productivity thanks to their superior penetration and agitation capacities. They also offer the advantages of increased service life and blowing density.

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  • Engineering & Innovation

    Engineering & Innovation

    Soudobeam possesses a comprehensive array of modern engineering means, from 3D design to numerical simulation, in order to produce dedicated products of high technical quality.

    All our products undergo continual technical monitoring and benefit from the latest developments. They are the fruit of innovation driven by Soudobeam and assisted by collaboration with universities and research centres.

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Nos prestations

  • Electron Beam Welding

    Electron Beam Welding

    Soudobeam carries out welding of metal components via electron bombardment, from development, via serial production, to manufacturing controls.

    This high energy density automatic welding under vacuum offers exceptional metallurgic quality and very little deformation. It produces heterogeneous bonds, of low or high thickness, where accessibility is virtually impossible and which can be quickly produced.

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  • Welded construction

    Welded construction

    We carry out custom-designed production of mechanically-welded assemblies and welded sheet metal assemblies on facilities that can combine machining, forming and welding. Stirrers, heat exchangers and concentrator tubes are just a few examples.

    Our services range from supply of materials to delivery of an operational product, including design of methods and tools, custom-designed production, manufacturing controls and implementation of specialised techniques.

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  • Engineering


    The designing, welding and manufacturing methods skills of our design engineering department, made up of engineers and draughtspersons, are at the service of our customers, to ensure a comprehensive service.

    The technical team acts as integrator for each project and is involved from issuing of the proposal until the final control. It works directly with the various departments, in particular production, which takes place on the same site.

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Our Commitments

  • Technology


    Cutting edge technology in design, production and control for premium results.

  • Support


    Continual technical monitoring for provision of dedicated products and services in tune with needs.

  • Expertise


    A multi-disciplinary team at your service to provide and produce custom-designed solutions.

  • Quality


    IS0 9001 certified production in Belgium to ensure respect of the most stringent quality standards.

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Quality, our key word

We are proud to announce you that Soudobeam has been re-certified ISO 9001. Moreover we got the ISO 9001:2015 version! Another proof that quality is more than important for us and that we are always improving our management system to give you entire satisfaction in any collaboration.   At this time of end of year fever please let us wish you beautiful feasts and an excellent 2018! Lire la suite

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Thanks to its quality and technological expertise, Soudobeam is renowned worldwide as a reliable partner in the aerospace, automotive, chemistry, marine, pharmaceutical and steel-making industries.

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